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I was a lymphoma survivor I had a year of chemotherapy '7/10-'8/11, a year & 3 months '8/11-11/'12 off chemotheraphy. I left for the RB on 11/22/12. Thank you to all my wonderful great pals who gave me 2 1/2 years more of life. I am sorry to leave everyone, my 2 sisfurs & brofur,& especially Mom. Please don't ever forget me & the encouragement I may have given other kitties stricken with lymphoma. Don't cry Mom I am ok, really thanks for 15 wonderful years together. I am sorry I left you with a big vet bill mom I didn't mean to.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bengals can you help?

Bengal went to the vet he is NOT blocked we are so happy *doing tumbles*
He has to take clavamox & if he strains too much phenoxybenzamine [whew what a word]
Whole bill came to costs $91.00 Spookys mom paid the bill. [a donation came in to help]
My dad & us kitties may not even have a home after Oct 10th [long story but house can go for sale]
We were told we could go live with Spooky & his mom but not the doggies, don't know what will happen to them.

Bengal is sick he takes so long to make pee. It makes me very sad I don't want him sick he needs to see a vet..can anyone please help him out just a little
Our dad wouldn't ask for much & he hasn't made appointment yet he's got to call around for prices & when he can get seen, then we'd have a better ioea of costs

It can't be much can it? Can it? I don't get an allowance yet but I can give the vet my toys as payment can't I?
Thank you so very much, Shushi [Bengals brofur]