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I was a lymphoma survivor I had a year of chemotherapy '7/10-'8/11, a year & 3 months '8/11-11/'12 off chemotheraphy. I left for the RB on 11/22/12. Thank you to all my wonderful great pals who gave me 2 1/2 years more of life. I am sorry to leave everyone, my 2 sisfurs & brofur,& especially Mom. Please don't ever forget me & the encouragement I may have given other kitties stricken with lymphoma. Don't cry Mom I am ok, really thanks for 15 wonderful years together. I am sorry I left you with a big vet bill mom I didn't mean to.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Can anyone help take in kittens to foster/adopt

Here is an update on those kittens in the Bronx

Pleading ~ URGENTLY

Can anyone help take in 5 kittens maybe even the other 2 that are from her other litter. PLEASE!
Colder weather is coming these kittens are about 3-4 weeks old

I know of someone who is interested in 2 of these kittens but upon hearing how she allowed a mothercat to die as a result of a kitten who was unable to come out & the kittens that were born also died because the mother was not there to take care of them as newborns need...

To me that sounded like a very horrible way to die & this person does not sound like a very good person to own a cat ---- any cat...if she gets a female or male or 1 of each
{not sure if they are boys or girls the last litter I think they were all boys}

It doesn't sound like she will do the right thing & get them fixed they females will go into heat she will 'let them outside' if they are boys they will spray &' she will let them outside' too
If its 1 of each Heaven help those poor things they'll mate with each other for life

Please I beg for help I would take them in I just can't I can't afford to & I have 4 seniors Spooky, Momma, Corky & Peanut.

The mom had new kittens about 3 weeks now [?] she had them in another spot this time because her older 2 kittens were in the same lady's backyard/garden apartment

Then she brought them to her yard...I believe there are 5 or 6 kittens. Plus the 2 older they are 5 months old now.

All I ask is someone who reads this can take them in to foster or knows of a rescue to be adopted out or anyplace besides on the street

The dad HANDSOME guy has not been around for over a month - that sounds bad news. He is extremely friendly & sweet.. His son Shushi is spitting image of him [see photo]

Its been chilly nights & like Shushis one sibling died from URI while he & his other sibling had URI & was medicated. The others were fine--only one some kids managed to climb into her yard [fenced] & steal him away *shudder to think what became of him*

I tried contacting some rescues groups but they were not interested.
< this is mom eating, & the orange/white & tabby 6 month old kitties & shushi's brothers

< this is Shushi
< this is one of the kittens.
Please Share this as often & with everyone you know-thank you so much