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I was a lymphoma survivor I had a year of chemotherapy '7/10-'8/11, a year & 3 months '8/11-11/'12 off chemotheraphy. I left for the RB on 11/22/12. Thank you to all my wonderful great pals who gave me 2 1/2 years more of life. I am sorry to leave everyone, my 2 sisfurs & brofur,& especially Mom. Please don't ever forget me & the encouragement I may have given other kitties stricken with lymphoma. Don't cry Mom I am ok, really thanks for 15 wonderful years together. I am sorry I left you with a big vet bill mom I didn't mean to.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We LOVE Laddie & here is a way to show how much

http://bit.ly/lCzdjd this is a link to Laddies candle pls light one today his his mom is worried about him.

http://twb.ly/hNvpFW link to Laddies twibbon

if you would like to put WE [HEART] Laddie on your avi
thank you so much

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